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Company: BowsAndTulle

Location: Moscow, Russia 


BowsAndTulle - clothing company inspired by classical ballet. We started with narrow market - tulle skirt, that we sew to order by custom measurements. In November 2017 we longe clothing line with size range.


After we start sale of our leather sarafan dress we got users feedback that it doesn't fits them as they are expected. So we got 30% returnes. We understand, that patterns were not perfect. 


Determine hypothesis, interact with users through surveys to check them


Minimize sarafan dress returned from 30% to 10%


A survey showed us that more than 75% of our customer has size difference between upper body and bottom. We adjusted our patterns to this specification.

We didn't have returned Items seance we've adjust patterns. Also we started to get more positive reviews for 20%.