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Sometimes we only find out our card has expired when it gets declined! 

Why not add a backup payment method ?


About 2 % of ASDA groceries orders are getting canceled due to insufficient funds on the card

 or the card has been expired.







• Analyzed competitors to inform product design

• Wireframed 5 different concepts to determine directions

• Prepared unmoderated usability test in collaboration with the design team

• Created a new visual hierarchy to connect with customer


TEAM OF ~ 10

• Product owners

 Product management

 UX and design


• Engineering



Competitor analysis

Analyzed competitors similar products as one of the baselines to design the ideal

go-to experience for ASDA customers.

<p/h> Only Amazon. uk has a backup payment feature, so I analyzed companies who have similar products and as a result, I got a list of features that become a base for different concepts of a backup payment.



<p/h> Delivered five concepts to create new design solutions aligned with customer needs.

Concept 1

<p/h> Backup payments as a separate feature.

User managing backup payments through a modal window.

State of the payment method type highlighted with tag.

Concept 2

<p/h> Backup payments as a card feature.

User managing payment method state through the dropdown.

Default or backup payment method highlighted with tag.

Concept 3

<p/h> Option set up as a backup/default payment method on the main screen to minimize the number of steps for the user.

Concept 4

<p/h> Based on the feedback sessions with the design team and collaboration with the legal team features from three concepts above that worked best for the user were merged in one - Concept 4.

User testing

<p/h> Set up an unmoderated user test to define flow that works best for the user.


Manage mode: add backup

• Only 5 clicked on Manage cards

• 60 clicked on Add backup card – the “always editable” version 

Always editable: add backup

• 76 clicked on Add backup card 

• 3 clicked Set as back up on the Other card 


<p/h> Responsive design samples for new Navigation experience across Web and Native Apps.