"Create a mobile app that will help the population of Kazakhstan overcome their social and economic crises by developing 21st century skills for sustainable development"

"We Exist" agency 



The declining middle class and the growing number of poor and extremely poor people who are unable to find applied business ideas and implementation mechanics that can survive in their environment

Created in a 10-day intensive program at the British High School of Art and Design.


I worked as a surveyor for more than 10 years, now my work is done by drones. I do not know what to do now; I have no other skills.


Artem, 31

Aksu city, Kazahstan



Team on the Interview with stakeholder Nadya Zhexembayeva


online sessions with stakeholder


one-on-one interviews with intended users


13 users fill out online quiz


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Alina, 29, housewife

Pavlodar city, Kazahstan

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Based on insights we obtained from our research, we brainstormed by creating a lean canvas board. We came up with five possible solutions and narrowed it to one 1-on-1 mentoring feature.


Lean Canvas -  to define hypotheses for MVP

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Importance of healthy brainstorming: During our brainstorming sessions, we did not allow critiquing each other’s ideas. As a result, we were able to come up with five main ideas and push forward with the 1-on-1 mentor idea, which will be easy to expand on with four other ideas in the future.


Importance of validating your initial assumptions with user research. Our original assumption was that our users do not have any formal education. After a series of user interviews, we found that most of our users had a college degree and just struggled to make a career change because of the lack of info on what is required. 

The project was aimed toward a great goal and was fun and challenging. I learned a lot from each member of the team, which consisted of experienced professionals, and came to look at the UX process from a different angle.