Tools: Sketch
Based on interviews of 5 users
March 2018


Interview with 5 users of different Fit Tracker, showed that they use more observation functions, such as metric tracking, than to follow recommendations of fit tracker: do 10 000 steps, run 35 mile etc. 

In order to change their habits over time and be healthier based on the knowledge gained during observation.

User may want to check their heart rate even though they haven't worked out in the last hour. Since Motiv tracks heart rate continuously it can help people monitor their anxiety and stress levels more closely.

For example, user can see how their rate spiked during a job interview or when they bumped into a person at the the grocery store.

User can view their monthly performance on key parameters. Seeing a longer trend can help motivate the user to keep up. The screen defaults to "Active Minutes"

Key statistics: -Resting Heart Rate, Max Heart Rate, Active Heart Rate, Active Minutes, Miles, Steps, Calories