The largest online store for sofas and accompanying furniture in Russia.

mobile experience re-design 

This project was developed in a four-day intensive course at the British High School of Art & Design.  I was a UX designer on a five-person product team.


The stakeholder is , one of the largest online shops for sofas and accompanying furniture in Moscow, Russia. They addressed us with the problem of low conversion rates of Mobile front page.


The stakeholder was happy with our solutions, and we got a job proposal from it to lead its Mobile transformation.

competitive analysis

We used opinions from 3 experts to make a list of must-have features for e-commerce Mobiles who sell furniture.

Based on this list and insights we got from, we did a front page analysis of five competitors. 


We interviewed 15 intended users in the age range of 17-52 and worked to fill out a Lean Canvas to to define hypotheses for MVP.

As a result, we were able to define the customer segment, decompose the problem, and formulate testable solutions.

customer segment

Hurray, new apartment!

We bought or are renting a new apartment, and we need a new couch or furniture set.  Sometimes we prefer to buy furniture in sets.

I need to update my furniture

The kids were jumping on the couch and broke it, or “It’s summer 2018—time to buy a new sofa!” Buying furniture is something to do together with the family.

I'm looking for a reliable partner to work on beneficial terms.



During the stage of user story mapping, we realized that we took the wrong direction in the beginning. All of our research was based on the idea of developing a new product when our goal was to re-design the existing one.​


Despite the time limitation, our team launched a new round of research, and we found new insights and design problems.

In our first round of research and brainstorming, we saw that our users would like to have the opportunity to try out a sofa before buying.  Therefore, we designed an AR feature as a solution.

"I don't know this brand. I don't trust it"

"I don’t want to spend money for décor. I need a complete set for my new room."




Here is the first page re-design based on observations of user behavior on the first page of the current version of Mobile.


Wish List was added

Horizontal bestseller list instead of vertical

Popular categories

Customer reviews

Furniture sets 

Social proof, instagram plugin 

Shipping details

Chat button instead call button

Catalog redesign


4 out of 5 users from front page go to search right away, so we suggest to add advanced filter by parameters and show hint by item type. Also we discover that search by color doesn't work and 3 out of 5 users start their search by typing color. 




"I love this couch, but I’m not the one paying for it.  I need to send it to my mom for approval."

AR and share feature

Wish list

Wish list